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Deep Tissue with Trigger Point Massage

Combines deep tissue & trigger point massage for the ultimate result Available on Sundays

  • 1 hour
  • 120 US dollars
  • Zen & Go Acupuncture and Healing Center

Service Description

Deep Tissue massage focuses on realigning deep layers of muscle tissue to release the chronic patterns of tension throughout the body. Deep tissue massage is much more than just a hard massage. Muscles tense up when there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients causing toxins and inflammation to builds up in the muscle tissue. Through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the tense areas of the body, a deep tissue massage will loosen muscle tissue and release toxins, and improve the oxygen in the blood to circulate properly. Deep tissue has been found to improve muscle function, range of motion, break up scar tissue, remove inflammation and reduce pain. Highlights: Reduce pain Improve posture Increase flexibility and perception of looseness Improve fluidity of movement Restore metabolic status of tissue Trigger Point massage releases the knots in the muscles and clears pathways between the channels and network vessels, unblocking areas of stagnation, restoring energy to the body and relieving pain. Combining Trigger Point Massage with a Deep Tissue Massage will not only relieve pain and relax you, but it will specifically target those trigger points so that the pain does not come back. Deep Tissue with Trigger Point Massage Helps with: Stiff Neck or Neck Pain Low back pain or tightness Sore Shoulders Chronic Pain Limited Mobility Recovery from Injuries (whiplash, falls, and sports injury) Repetitive Strain Injury (carpal tunnel syndrome) Postural Problems Osteoarthritis Pain Muscle Tension or Spasm It is recommended to drink plenty of water after this massage to flush out the toxins released from the body. 1 Hour Session Available on Sundays

Contact Details

  • 189 Elm Street, Westfield, NJ, USA

    +1 (877) 969-3646

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